Choose from home generators in Brooksville, FL

Don't Get Caught Without Power

Getting stuck in the dark during a storm is not only inconvenient-it can also be dangerous. You risk injuring yourself in the dark or allowing your food to spoil. Luckily, CKP Electrical Services, LLC can perform a backup generator installation for your home in Brooksville, Florida. An automatic transfer system will turn your generator on as soon as the power goes out. You won't be in the dark for longer than a minute.

Florida is the lightning capitol of the country, so you're sure to experience a power outage every now and then. Be prepared when storms hit by getting backup generator installation services from CKP Electrical Services in Brooksville, Florida today.

home generators in Brooksville, FL

Only power the essentials

Are you on a budget? Portable home generators might be a better fit for you. These generators can power only certain necessary items like:

  • Refrigerators
  • Lights
  • Outlets
Your food will stay fresh and your home will stay bright. Call 727-351-2179 now to learn more about home generators.

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